I see you...

tony elwoodAs a writer, you have to forget about the process and let your mind spew out flashes of images and voices that live in your head. You can't allow the huge undertaking to control you. I've been very fortunate to work with some very talented writers and close friends in the past, all of whom have contributed to the amazing library of work I've amassed over the years.

Writing continues to be the process were every good movie starts. It's also the most time consuming, from getting the first draft out of my head to tweaking the final draft. The many changes that happen in between are purely magical for me.

I'm currently working on several new scripts, some with co-writers and some by myself. I enjoy the feedback from actors, producers and friends that I trust to be brutally honest with me. I agree with most notes, some good, some bad...but it comes down to what I as a writer feel will help move the story along that ends up on the screen.