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Tony CameraIt all started with my first 8mm camera. Shooting movies every weekend, sending off the footage and waiting two weeks before I could make sure that I had an exposure. That thrill of going to the camera and hobby shop in Kannapolis, NC...my hometown...was the most amazing rush I've ever experienced. Running home as quickly as I could, opening the small plastic reels and rolling out the footage carefully and gazing at the small 8mm frames of film... seeing the moments captured on film, was almost more than I could stand.

Popping the 50-foot reel into the noisy projector and blasting the images on the wall of my grandmother's living room was as close to Hollywood as a young boy could get in my mind. Making films with my close friends was such a great experience, one that I wouldn't have traded for anything (except maybe a nice 35mm movie camera). That small mill town in Kannapolis was my film school. Experimenting with lighting, stop motion, and camera rigs prepared me for my big day on a real set.

When I landed the opportunity to work on a real set, it was invigorating. I started out as an actor, doing anything I could to land a role, no matter how small... I just wanted to see how it all worked. Watching directors working with the crew and actors and seeing how they handled the stress and creative challenges made me that more confident that I could direct one day.

My philosophy is hire a great crew, no matter their role, and make them feel like they are just as much a part of the creative process as I am. Hire actors who love working and stretching in roles. Actors who are also filmmakers...who know the pressure and appreciate the complexity of pulling off what seems to be an impossible feat.

I've been very lucky to have shared my life with such crew and talent. I call them my posse. They are there beside me 100%, no matter the budget. What an incredible blessing.


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