I see you...

Tony ElwoodI always wanted to be a storyteller. When I turned 12 I got an 8mm camera, something I had always wanted, from my dad. I wanted to get the images in my head on film so everyone could enjoy them.

The first time I was able to engage an audience with one of my short 8mm films I knew It was something I must do. No matter how many times I've wanted to checkout from making films, there is something in my blood that kept me going. Maybe it's an addiction. I'm not sure, but it's a harmful addiction, one that has haunted me all my life.

The horror/thriller genre has captured my imagination the most. Thanks in large part to director Alfred Hitchcock. Viewing Psycho for the first time changed history for me. The admiration I have for Mr. Hitchcock goes beyond fan. His skills as a director have gone unmatched.

Directors like Steven Spielberg, John Carpenter, George A. Romero and Sam Raimi have inspired me to strive harder at creating great films. These guys are a tough bunch to live up to.