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Tony CameraMy passion for motion picture and video continues to grow stronger every day. The illusion film creates is so powerful, leaving viewers with images that would never have existed unless I was able to breath life into them. To know that these images will be shared and archived for hundreds, perhaps millions, of years, drives me to create movies that will stand the test of time. Giving an audience memorable moments that will hopefully surpass their expectations ...allowing them to escape for 90 or so minutes, has to be the greatest form of storytelling ever conceived.


Killer gets new life with a 2K HD Transfer

The LA Premiere of Cold Storage was held at the Downtown Independent Theatre, courtesy of Film Courage Interactive.

Click here to find out more and see photos during the priemere.

Director, Tony Elwood & Producer, Paul Barrett, promote Cold Storage on Film Courage

Director Tony Elwood and producer Paul Barrett go live on LA Talk Radio's Film Courage.

Tony and special guest,Director Ti West, were guest. Tony was in town for the Film Courage Interactive, where his Film Cold Storage was screened. To read more click here.

To view video interview with Tony & Paul...

Video 01 click here.
Video 02 click here.